About us

Theodosia Chatoglou was born in Athens in September 1977. She studied Italian literature and art
history at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and completed her studies with a seven-month
residency in Siena, Tuscany. Her artistic career led her to Cádiz, Spain, where she had the chance to study next to the Atlantic  Ocean. Her four-year long stay in Andalusia and the attendance of many contemporary art seminars developed her as an artist and led her to organize a series of exhibitions in Greece and

In 2018, she set up the social cooperative company Prayer of Colors Koin.S.Ep, where Art, through
painting and other creative activities, becomes a vehicle for soul elevation, an educational tool, and
a form of therapy.

Her artworks signed as ‘Hija de la luz’ have already contributed to the reconfiguration and
decoration of both public and private healthcare facilities, hospitals, waiting rooms and clinics, as
well as educational facilities, special needs schools, hotels and restaurants.

Her artistic expression is based on “visual prayers”, a method she created in 2003.
Through the application of harmonic geometry, the use of a rich palette of colours and designs, and
the conscious intention of healing qualities, through the Word, the therapeutic, educational and
uplifting work in is supported.

Her artwork is inspired by Nature, Earth, Spring, Woman, Love…

Traditional patterns in circular motion, dipped in color to give the final modern effect!

The anguish of the world seen through the stubbornness of joy… how long can grief last?

All the details seen with love become important. Nothing is the same any more, nothing is small
or insignificant. Anything simple and humble is projected as unique and special participating in a
celebration of color and joy.

The art of Theodosia is an invitation to this feast and the invitee feels
blessed and favoured for the joy he discovers bubbling up from his soul like holy wine.
Review by the philologist Kyriaki Kallimerantzi.